Beach Fun Seagull Hunt, feedback.

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First thanks to the few who has taken the time to test my game, and for the feedback 🙂 THANKS.

I’ve changed a few things, and some things I really don’t get why is happening.

  1. First thing that was noticed was that the game doesn’t fill the entire screen.
    This is as designed 🙂 All players are to have the same playing area, same height and same width. If this wasn’t the case, some resolutions could have an advantage, for instance; a high narrow screen would be a lot better than a wide screen, as the ball has a lot less chance of hitting a seagull. There are probably a lot more scenarios where aspect ratio matters, but to make sure every player sees the same, the aspect ration is fixed. I did add a frame to the game area, to make it visible that the size is as intended. So no big change here.
  2. The game runs very fast on low-end devices.
    Ok, this one I don’t get? Everything that moves in the game is either controlled by the physics engine or is moved by scripts, and yes I have checked, every movement is done using Time.deltaTime. So?
    I did some digging, and found a possible solution, not that I can see why it should work? Time.deltaTime should still make everything move with the correct speed? But it’s worth a try.
    Under quality setting I found that the setting for VSync Count was set to “Don’t Sync” for the Fastest and Fast levels. So I have changed them to do VSync, to see if this solves the problem on the low-end devices.
    Navigation to QualitySetting

Well that’s about it for a couple of days testing 🙂 Thanks again to all the testers and the people helping to spread the game.

The newest version of the game can always be found in the bottom of the post Seagull Hunt.

Now go make games! 😉

– Henning


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