Seagull Hunt

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A lot is and has happened over the last months, and not much time have been spend on game development. But I have been working on a small android game from time to time.
It’s a small frustrating game, where you are to keep the beach ball in the air and make it hit the seagulls by hitting the beach ball with wather from a super soaker.

Here is what I started out with, and what I ended up with so far.

BFSH - 00001

Started out with a ball on a screen. Had no idea what the game should be about.. Didn’t even know it would become a game.

BFSH - 00032

Then made the ball fall under the influence of gravity, and added a small static cannon capable of shooting small red balls.

BFSH - 00040

Added colliders to the balls, so the red balls could hit the red ball and then, to make a bit of a game out of it, I added some spikes, that killed the yellow ball on impact.

BFSH - 00082

Added some graphics, and changed the mail ball to a beach ball.

BFSH - 00110

At this time I did my small crap animation project, so of cause that was added to the project. I also did the super soaker graphics while trying out different vector based drawing programs and that was added as well.

BFSH - 00119

The red balls was replaced by a water ball/splash texture.

BFSH - 00173

Added a basic score, so each time you hit the beach ball with a ball of water you got a point, and game when the beach ball hit the sand.

BFSH - 00175

I got the idea to add something to hit instead of just having to hit the beach ball, which was to easy.

BFSH - 00204

I wanted to have a really fast game over to new game cycle, so all I wanted was a single start button in the middle of the screen. At first I would have liked to be able to share scores on Facebook, but as I haven’t gotten it to work 100% I discarded it for now. Maybe in a later version.

BFSH - 00254

Just changed some of the background graphics, and added best score to the score display.

BFSH - 00402

Added sand to the beach.

BFSH - 00421

Completely new graphics, made by a nice fellow that I’m teaching to program, and in exchange his making me some pleasant graphics 🙂

BFSH - 00428

New button and font added, that matches the rest of the theme better. The basic font is called Floraless and is made by Daniel Gauthier.

BFSH - 00454
Small but very visual change, I made the score use the new font, by having a bitmap for each number and one for the slash, and then added code to convert the string into an array of the correct sprites.

BFSH - 00481

The last change was the graphics for the crab that now looks a lot more organic and less flat. 🙂

The two thing keeping me from uploading it to the android store is the seagull- and the crap-animation. I will work on the crap animation as soon as everything thats happening in my life right now, settles down a bit.

If you want to try the current (Android only) version of “Beach Fun Seagull Hunt” just click the link below.
Old version April 9th : md5 : aad8aee9879d29ad0e8bf32cc451b097 *Beach-Fun-Seagull-Hunt.apk
New version April 12th : md5 : 5f145660cae4dab6d5c4fea869403f36 *Beach-Fun-Seagull-Hunt.apk

Now go make games! 😉

– Henning



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