List of games

List of all my games.

For now it’s only two, but in time hopeful more will come. 🙂

2013-06-30: Done.

  • Click here to play.
  • Summary of the game:
    The game is set in space where you are flying at ever increasing speed through a tunnel with obstacles consisting of 3×3 blocks, the blocks can be removable by matching them up two and two by clicking them. The Player have to survive as long as possible by avoiding hitting any of the blocks. To help, the player can pick up bombs that are  able to remove entire walls in one swift explosion.
  • Screen shots:
3x3 Menu screenshot
3×3 Menu
Screenshot of level 2
Screenshot of level 2 with a few blocks removed.
Using a bomb in the 3x3 game
Using a bomb to remove an entire wall of blocks.
3x3 Screenshot of level 13
Screenshot of level 13 where the view is tilted about 60 degrees

2013-04-13: Work in progress

“Don’t fall Asheep”

  • Summary of the game:
    In “Don’t Fall Asheep” you are playing a young man trying to keep awake while being forced to watch a boring France black and white movie form  the 60′s by your girlfriend. To avoid falling a sleep you have to prevent yourself from counting sheep by stopping the sheep getting over the fence by any means possible. 

2013-04-12: Done.
“DNH The Game!”

  • Click here to play and here to read progress report.
  • Summary of the game:
    The game was made for “The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013: ‘Do no harm’ ” and is I never thought of a name I simply had to call it, “DNH The Game!”.
    “DNH The Game!” is a casual avoidance game, where you control an energetic particle flying, at ever increasing speed, through an unknown organism. You are to “do no harm” to the organism by not hitting it’s inner structure, as this will cause damaging mutations.
  • Theme interpretation:
    I my mind “Do no harm” means, do NO harm, not protect, not a validation to hurt some, to protect others. For me it’s trying to do no harm when put in a situation, where you potential could do harm.
  • Screen shots:
Main structures breaks into two when hit.
Do No Harm!
When far away from the center path, the center indicator turns red, to indicate that you aren’t getting the optimal amount of points, far from it!


When close to center, the center indicator turns green, but if you can see it, your still not getting the optimal amount of points, but close.

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