Name: CellVivor (Download)
Zip Sha1: 35ee9382ca9c0654675b231c0427ab1b94ee9017
Language: C #
API : Unity3D
Graphics : Me .
Sounds from : Me and http://www.freesound.org/
Music: DeceasedSuperiorTechnician http://www.nosoapradio.us/

CellVivor is a game where you as a cell are to collect food and eradicate virus . The player’s cell(s), when it has consumed enough food can divide. So to eradicate the virus you’ll have to have a cell with some energy and then engage in battle with the virus. All cells have a limited lifespan so the player must make sure to divide before the last cell dies.

The game was made ​​over about three weeks , and is my first game made with Unity3D . I hope to find more time to make more games, because it’s been really fun, and maybe in time I will be able to make enough money on my games that I can afford Unity Pro ( $ 1,500 ). I would like to be able to use some of the features that I used when making the game “G-Space” in XNA, such as render to textures and shadows. It all seems very flat with shadows.

How the game came to be:
I had previously heard of Unity3D and installed it at the time, but never got around to try it out. But when I some time later accidentally came across it again, while had a little idea for a game in my head, I had to try it out. So after a day of watching youtube videos and crawling unity’s own website and forum , I was ready. 🙂

After some testing I got collision to work, and the mouse should give a little trouble as well, as there must be something that can be clicked in order to be registered as a click. To find out where the mouse was in 3d space also took a few searches. But Unity ‘s forum contained the answers to all the questions, so I just had to keep searching ..

So after one day I had this.


After reading some more and looking at my scripts, I could see that now that I knew enough, I would have to start all over again to get scripts tied together and to the right objects. One must remember that it is C # scripts and you have to keep think object-oriented. So you put the information that belong to a game object, including scripts, onto that object . So everything was rewritten and changed to fit together better .

And then I had this.


The basic game was now working and I needed some feedback , so some of his friends were forced to be testers. Someone had nothing to say and others had a lot. I took it all and started over again as I needed an overall game controller script.

The script was a bit of a challenge since I could not do everything I was used to do in C #, I didn’t know enough about how and in what order the objects in Unity was being instantiated . I did not find an overview of what is being called when, so I could find out if OnUpdate is called before OnGUI etc. But then you just have to try to figure it out for your self.

I got the music to work with the overall game controller script so the music did not restart every time I loaded a new scene.

Now everything worked as it should , some errors had been removed. So what now ? Well I wanted to have a high score list and statistics of your game. No problems, as it was mostly C# serialization, I only had windows as a target platform.

It was one of the friends whom tested the game wanted the possible to adjust the volume of the music and the sound effects . So it was also done and now I hit the second hurdle ! Unity GUI .. It’s just not easy to work with and that’s why the resolution is fixed to 1024×768. In order to get everything to fit in all the possible solutions was impossible. But then I figured out a way to set everything to scale using percentages of the screen size, and it seemed to work great, until I found out that I could not scale the font! The font is imported in a given size at program start , so if I were to have the ability to scale the font I should have imported it several times in different sizes, and then choose which one I would use in each solution.

So next time I’ll make more use of 3dText and then see if I can find an alternative to sliders, Toggle , Toolbar , etc. I have been recommended EZ GUI which looks great , but it’s $200 . 🙁

Well, after the decision on a permanent solution I could optimize the placement of all the menu items. Of course there are more details , but now it’s finished 🙂 So download it and enjoy some fun and stressing gameplay.

– Henning

ScreenshotsCellVivor003 CellVivor004-300x232 CellVivor005-300x232 CellVivor001-300x232 CellVivor002-300x232