3×3 POC version 4

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The POC is really starting to look like a game. 🙂

New things added:

  • New texture. I only use one for all surfaces.
  • Rotation to selected box, to make it visible to the player what box is selected.
  • More states to the box objects, to make possible removal animation aso.
  • Color click logic, basic game mechanics .
3x3 POC version 4
3×3 POC version 4

The plan is to make the game run on my old HTC Desire, to learn the mobile part of unity. So for now I’m trying to keep everything to a minimum as not to drive the Desire to it’s knees.

Next things to add:

  • Mobile input part, to see if I can’t get the click and swipe part to work.
  • Light bound to the box, to illuminate the boxes in the distance, and I might remove the current spotlight..


Future things to add:

  • Sound effects.
  • Music.
  • Score system. How fast you remove boxes, or something like that, have to think about a good way to differentiate different users abilities.


Here you can play version 4, and as before, click to remove blocks and navigate using wasd.

– Henning


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