3×3 POC version 3

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OK, finally had some time to try some more things out with the 3×3 idea. So now the colored boxes are boxes and not just generated quads, they are clickable and have box colliders and so does the camera/player, so if you hit a box, it’s game over, and for now you have to restart the game to play again. Also you are now able to hold down a key (wasd) to keep moving in that direction.

I added some game states but only use playing and dead for now.

3x3 POC version 4
3×3 POC version 3

Next I would like to make the color selection part to only allow you to remove boxes of same color, so if you click a blue box you can only remove another blue box. If you click another colored box the first selected color will change to this color.

Here you can play version 3, click to remove blocks and navigate with wasd.

– Henning


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