3×3 POC to production.

I started the 3×3 game as a POC of an old game idea, but I’m starting to like the game, so I have decided to spend some time adding to it, polishing it, and see if I can make a decent game out of it. 🙂

This means that I have to find some music, sound effects, make some better looking graphics, and what I find hardest of all – make the menu system! I’ll keep it as simple as possible.

3x3 POC version 6

3×3 POC version 6

After I did the DNH game for the GIG 2013, I will not be making an online highscore list. I might do a cookie based one, so the players best score will remain between sessions, but that’s it.

One thing I would really like, is a better player controller. As mentioned in “Player movement script for the 3×3 POC” the motion is done in steps and you can’t move diagonal or change direction while moving. This I need to do better. And I will 🙂

Lets see where the game takes me.

– Henning

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