Don’t Fall Asheep Progress 2013-04-22

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Worked on getting some action and game feel to the prototype. So made the buttons for weapon selection (not working buttons) and added sound effects for fire, hit and death. Feels a lot more like a game now.

As the game is going to be have a lot of cartoon violence and blood, I added a blood spray when the projectile (rock) hits the sheep to see if it would work, and I think it does 🙂 Adjusted way to much on the particle systems parameters for a prototype, but it does a lot for the game feel to have some visual feedback on a hit.

Don't Fall Asheep Progress ScreenShot 002

Next couple of tasks will be sheep movement and angle calculations to make the projectiles hit where you aim.

Remember that all the graphics is only placeholders, the final graphics, if the game is fun enough, will be done by someone who knows what they are doing 🙂

– Henning


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