3×3 Version 8 – Now in Beta

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Version 8 of 3×3 ready, or should I say Beta version! 🙂

3x3 version 8
3×3 version 8

I have used the last days to add a lot of small things to the game, tweaking it, and playing it, again and again. I also had a friend play it, a lot, to see if I missed something obvious.

Here’s a list of what I have done.

  • Added particle effect for the box explosions.
  • Updated sound effects.
  • Added Gui Skin
  • Added Font
  • Changed resolution to 1024×768.
  • Player control, motion can now be changed in mid move.
  • Collider made smaller for when player is rotating.
  • Added Crash SFX
  • Updated Move class to separate horizontal and vertical movement to allow diagonal movement.
  • Added 10000/15000/20000 points SFX
  • Added level 10/15/20 SFX
  • Added Audiosource mini buffer to hold 4 audio sources.
  • Adjusted colors of boxes to make them easier to distinguish.
  • Added plane to slowly revile the boxes, and not just pop into existence in the back of the scene.
  • Updated all level and point SFX.
  • Adjusted music slowdown to 0.75 instead of 0.5 when dead.
  • Changed font to Plasmatica by Apostrophic Labs.
  • Adjusted GUI boxes to match the new font

The best update, is the ability to move freely, and in all directions. I thought this would be a pain to make work as I wanted, but with a few changes to the already existing moving class, and the separation of horizontal and vertical movement, it was surprisingly easy. 🙂

One thing I didn’t expect to give me any problems was the colors of the boxes, but as I tried to make the colors easier  to distinguish from each other, the bigger problems I got with the lighting settings. First the scene was overlit when the boxes came close to the spot close to the player,  then under lit. Then the ambient light made everything look flat, and so on. So I ended up spending almost 3 hours adjusting colors and light settings. But I’m finally happy with the result.

After I added more sound effects I found that they would cut off each other, so I added a mini buffer, to hold 4 audio sources and use the first available. This gave a hole new, and more complete feel, to the game.

3x3 version 8 Menu
3×3 version 8 Menu

Hope you enjoy the game 🙂 And have time to send me some feedback.

– Henning


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