LD46 – The Unicorn and the need for coffee..!

So Ludum Dare 46 happened, and this time I attended, and actually made a game. 😀
I just remembered that I have this site, and haven’t posted anything here in years, so I thought “I host my game here, so why not write about it here.”

The game is a simple item fetch game, with a few small jokes in there. It is heavily inspired by the amazing over polisher of all, the one, the only Pixel Prophecy! Also know as Phil Strahl.
He really likes his coffee, so the game needed coffee, and then he has a thing with unicorns, so again the game had to have at least one unicorn.
The gameplay is simple; the unicorn tells you what it want’s to eat, and you fetch it, and the unicorn poops a delicious, huge, coffee bean. The coffee beans can be taken to the coffee machine and made into a hot cup of coffee, giving you a 10% boost in the amount of coffee you contain. At 100% you have won the game. At 0% you have lost.
There are two other ways to loos the game, but that is for you to find out by playing it.
I hope you will spend a few minutes playing, and hopefully enjoy it. Thanks.

– H

Links to the Ludum Dare page, and the HTML5 version.

Don’t Stub Your Big Toe

Ladders Unity and #30daydev

Making a lot of small games, and only thinking about making it work and not on optimization and correct structures, have made a lot of old problems vanish. 🙂 For instance, months back I spend days on a small problem with a character and detecting when he was on a ladder, it ended with me shelving the project.. It should have been soooo simple, but my character was made up of 3 colliders, and they where animated, so using OnTriggerEnter2d didn’t work as I got an “enter” on one collider and another “enter” for the next and so on, and the same when one collider would “exit” the ladder collider. But now doing other small projects and optimization isn’t in focus, I wanted to revisit it, and as clear as it should have been back months ago, the solution was clear. 🙂 Just make a child GameObject add a small collider on a layer that only interacts with ladders and a small script detection OnTriggerEnter/Exit2d and send the information to the parent script. I haven’t tested it yet, but can’t see why it shouldn’t work 🙂

The #30daydev have already given me so much, and I’m only halfway there. 🙂 I’ll keep learning..

Now, go make games! 😉

– Henning

Paper Racer

Did it, after to many hours.. My 7th ‪#‎30daydev‬ game done! Hope you enjoy “Paper Racer“, a very slow paced game.

It’s an old turn based racing game we used to play on paper when I was a kid.
You have to select one of 8 possible moves, the next move will start by moving the same amount as you did last move.

So if you moved 1 step forward as your first move, the next 8 possible moves will be around 1 step forward from your current position.


The hard part is trying to gain maximum speed and to remember to brake in do time. 70% of the time you gain to much speed and won’t be able to turn in time. BOOM!

Again it took waaay to long to develop. This time caused by a small oversight on my part that took hours to find I missed some coliders/layer in my raycast

Now it’s time for ZZzzzzzzzz………

Now, go make games!

– Henning

Yell At It..!

Yet another #30daydev game.My son Jesper Bergmann (7) allowed me to make another #30daydev game today, 5th so far.
He did the level design. Dad is so proud 😀

As the name sugests you have you yell at the game, to move. The louder you yell the further the player objects move apart.

I added a sencitivity slider to adjust the needed sound volumen to move, so you don’t really have to yell at the game.

The game only works if you allow it to use the default microphone of your computer, so if you don’t want to, then sorry you won’t be able to play.

Have fun yelling at gamejolt

Now, go make games!
– Henning

LD30 – LD48 – Join Us!

Ok, so I entered my first Ludum Dare, with expectations set high.  When the theme was announced (3 am here in Denmartk) I was a bit disappointed.. It was the one theme I really didn’t like “Connected Worlds”. I wanted “Potato Salat” I wanted to make a game with a potato running from forks and knifes, NOT to become part of the “Potato Salat”.

I had to think of something? Sleeping until 7 and didn’t help, food and a shower.. Now an idea started to form. The void ship from the Dr. Who series and the hunt for the Maquis from Star Trek, void ship = between worlds,  hunt for the Maquis = turbulent and violent space.. hmmm. To the blackboard, and draw 3D, draw 2.5D, ok then 2d.. Couldn’t figure out how I wanted the game to look, as I would like to do it in 2d (haven’t done 3d since unity came out with their 2d support), I just couldn’t squash the 3D into 2D.

Remembering that I only had 48 hours and 5 was gone sleeping, eating and showering already. I had to keep it simple. So why not having two universes, one on top of the screen and one on the bottom, and having to fight invaders from the other universe. So I set out to do so.

What I have ended up with is almost that. Only change is that the enemy ships are wormhole generators that you have to shoot down before they can open a wormhole, and there by destroying the other universe (I have allowed myself some freedoms as I do not know how wormhole from a universe with other lawn of nature would impact our universe or it’s even possible).

You can play the game Join Us! online, or download the PC version here.


Learned a lot, especially not to optimize as much as I do. I have done some things where I thought, this will be slow, but it’s micro seconds, so doesn’t matter. Ended up with at most 10 draw calls which is nothing. 🙂 Now I have uploaded the PC version and the web version to Ludum Dare I don’t really wan’t to work on it any more, I’m mentally tired and just want to relax and not think about “Join Us!” anymore,  for now…

It’s been fun and amazing to see how much you can do, when you don’t focus on having to deliver something amazing and super polished, but just a game someone would enjoy 😀 So hope you will play it, enjoy it, and rate it on Ludum Dare.

Now, go make games 😉

– Henning

Late update, POC’s and current work

As every blog I have ever read, from time to time there happens a lot in the bloggers life, and updates test pushed into the back of the tasks list. Life!

Since the last blog post, I have published my small racing game Strazer to Google Play store. Strazer

After updating the graphics, I’m pretty happy with it. It wasn’t meant to be a AAA game 😉

After that I worked for a few weeks on a game about depression, but there was a bug in Unity (OnTriggerEnter2D) that kept giving me problems, so I put it on hold. The bug was fixed in the Unity 4.5 release, so maybe I’ll go back to that again… Later.


And the there are a lot of small POC as always 🙂

Save ’em all:




Forever: Forever



All small POC that I might go back and work on in the future.

At the moment I’m working on a game for two friends, one want me to make a zombie game, and the other a platformer, so it is going to be a zombie platformer game 🙂


Right now I trying to get some graphics done for the game, it’s coming along but not as fast as I would like, and not as good either. 🙁 ZombieMeele

This is the melee attack of the zombie. It still is missing shadows and highlights.

So have done a lot, just haven’t blogged about it. I’ve started using twitter a lot more, I like the positive atmosphere and the nice people always there to help.

Have a great day, now go make games! 😉

– Henning


Beach Fun Seagull Hunt is out on Google Play

Finally I did it. I published a game… 😀 I know it’s not a master peace, at all, but I wanted to try to see what it took, and it was kind of easy. 🙂

A couble of pointers:

  • Make one keystore and make sure that you have a backup somewhere safe. You can’t update your app if don’t sign it with the same key.
  • Supporting different aspect ratios on different devices suck! Learn to live with it. Compromise is essential!

Download “Beach Fun Seagull Hunt” at Google Play.

Now! Go make games 🙂

– Henning

Beach Fun Seagull Hunt, feedback.

First thanks to the few who has taken the time to test my game, and for the feedback 🙂 THANKS.

I’ve changed a few things, and some things I really don’t get why is happening.

  1. First thing that was noticed was that the game doesn’t fill the entire screen.
    This is as designed 🙂 All players are to have the same playing area, same height and same width. If this wasn’t the case, some resolutions could have an advantage, for instance; a high narrow screen would be a lot better than a wide screen, as the ball has a lot less chance of hitting a seagull. There are probably a lot more scenarios where aspect ratio matters, but to make sure every player sees the same, the aspect ration is fixed. I did add a frame to the game area, to make it visible that the size is as intended. So no big change here.
  2. The game runs very fast on low-end devices.
    Ok, this one I don’t get? Everything that moves in the game is either controlled by the physics engine or is moved by scripts, and yes I have checked, every movement is done using Time.deltaTime. So?
    I did some digging, and found a possible solution, not that I can see why it should work? Time.deltaTime should still make everything move with the correct speed? But it’s worth a try.
    Under quality setting I found that the setting for VSync Count was set to “Don’t Sync” for the Fastest and Fast levels. So I have changed them to do VSync, to see if this solves the problem on the low-end devices.
    Navigation to QualitySetting

Well that’s about it for a couple of days testing 🙂 Thanks again to all the testers and the people helping to spread the game.

The newest version of the game can always be found in the bottom of the post Seagull Hunt.

Now go make games! 😉

– Henning

Seagull Hunt

A lot is and has happened over the last months, and not much time have been spend on game development. But I have been working on a small android game from time to time.
It’s a small frustrating game, where you are to keep the beach ball in the air and make it hit the seagulls by hitting the beach ball with wather from a super soaker.

Here is what I started out with, and what I ended up with so far.

BFSH - 00001

Started out with a ball on a screen. Had no idea what the game should be about.. Didn’t even know it would become a game.

BFSH - 00032

Then made the ball fall under the influence of gravity, and added a small static cannon capable of shooting small red balls.

BFSH - 00040

Added colliders to the balls, so the red balls could hit the red ball and then, to make a bit of a game out of it, I added some spikes, that killed the yellow ball on impact.

BFSH - 00082

Added some graphics, and changed the mail ball to a beach ball.

BFSH - 00110

At this time I did my small crap animation project, so of cause that was added to the project. I also did the super soaker graphics while trying out different vector based drawing programs and that was added as well.

BFSH - 00119

The red balls was replaced by a water ball/splash texture.

BFSH - 00173

Added a basic score, so each time you hit the beach ball with a ball of water you got a point, and game when the beach ball hit the sand.

BFSH - 00175

I got the idea to add something to hit instead of just having to hit the beach ball, which was to easy.

BFSH - 00204

I wanted to have a really fast game over to new game cycle, so all I wanted was a single start button in the middle of the screen. At first I would have liked to be able to share scores on Facebook, but as I haven’t gotten it to work 100% I discarded it for now. Maybe in a later version.

BFSH - 00254

Just changed some of the background graphics, and added best score to the score display.

BFSH - 00402

Added sand to the beach.

BFSH - 00421

Completely new graphics, made by a nice fellow that I’m teaching to program, and in exchange his making me some pleasant graphics 🙂

BFSH - 00428

New button and font added, that matches the rest of the theme better. The basic font is called Floraless and is made by Daniel Gauthier.

BFSH - 00454
Small but very visual change, I made the score use the new font, by having a bitmap for each number and one for the slash, and then added code to convert the string into an array of the correct sprites.

BFSH - 00481

The last change was the graphics for the crab that now looks a lot more organic and less flat. 🙂

The two thing keeping me from uploading it to the android store is the seagull- and the crap-animation. I will work on the crap animation as soon as everything thats happening in my life right now, settles down a bit.

If you want to try the current (Android only) version of “Beach Fun Seagull Hunt” just click the link below.
Old version April 9th : md5 : aad8aee9879d29ad0e8bf32cc451b097 *Beach-Fun-Seagull-Hunt.apk
New version April 12th : md5 : 5f145660cae4dab6d5c4fea869403f36 *Beach-Fun-Seagull-Hunt.apk

Now go make games! 😉

– Henning