First experience with Spriter

Categories: Proof of concept, Script, Spriter

So I want to try to make my crab animation using Spriter so, first I cut out all the different parts from my Inkscape image. I did leave out all but one leg, as I should be able to scale and rotate in Spriter to make all the legs, from one set of leg sprites … Read More

Comments now enabled :)

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I have for a long time not allowed comments as I was being seriously spammed 🙁 But today I Updated akismet and WP-reCAPTCHA tested it all, and it seems to be working. 😀 So don’t hold back, all feedback is more than welcome. – Henning

Pyxel Edit first impression and importer.

Categories: Editor Script, Pyxel Edit, Unity

I bought Pyxel Edit a couple of day ago (9$ + 1$), as I found it was mention as a very good tile editor on multiple indie game dev blogs. So, getting started with it, without reading a single letter, wasn’t working 😉 But after a few minutes reading the small getting startet tutorial and … Read More

Stress Racer, or Strazer.

Categories: Game, Unity

Stress Racer, or Strazer. I havn’t finished any of the games I have thought out the last half year. Some I’ve gotten far with, but didn’t enjoy playing enough to finish them. Others where just to big projects for me to finish at the time. So I set forth to make so small a project … Read More


Categories: Cellvivor, Game, Unity

I just added Cellvivor to my list of games. It’s was the first game I made with Unity3D. I translated all the information from my old site (danish) to make it more accessible 🙂 Take a look, and now go make games 😉 – Henning

Unity 2D RULES!!!

Categories: Game, Unity

After only a week and not much time to look into Unity 2D I must say that I don’t think I’ll ever look at another game engine ever again 🙂 The 2D workflow, sprite importer, animator, ordering layer and so on, just makes everything SO easy. 🙂 I’m simply blown away. I have so many … Read More


Categories: Earth Guardian, Game, Stencyl, Unity

After some weeks thinking about life the universe and everything, I’m back. 🙂 I’ve spend some time making the basic stuff for a 2D game using Unity. Forcing Unity to make a 2D game have been a challenge, It works but I’ve spend a lot of time handling sprite sheet, animation and other standard stuff … Read More

Unity Draw Call Batching

Categories: Earth Guardian, Script, Unity

I was having problems with Unity draw call batching. I’ve started on a small 2d game (Earth Guardian) and had made a small mockup and was already having problems with the number of draw calls 🙁 It looked like I was getting an ekstra draw call for each sprite I created. So I didn’t know … Read More