Stress Racer, or Strazer.

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Stress Racer, or Strazer.

I havn’t finished any of the games I have thought out the last half year. Some I’ve gotten far with, but didn’t enjoy playing enough to finish them. Others where just to big projects for me to finish at the time. So I set forth to make so small a project for myself that I would be sure that I could and would finish it in a short time period.

So over the last two weeks i used a few evenings to make this small game that I call Strazer, from the words stress and racer. The game is loosly based on an old game for the videopac G7000 called Speedway. I found this screenshot of the old game.


I would say that the old graphics is more simple and stylish. I’m not the big pixel artist, but I did want to try to make the game in an old arcade style. The cars are ugly, but who cares 🙂

I use a small script that takes a screenshot every time I start the project and then 5, 10, 60 and 240 seconds there after. I merged all the screenshots into this small video and added a video of a single playthrough to the end of it.

You can play the web version of Strazer, or download the android version.

I’m really glad that I did finish it even though is not good, very fun or pretty. But I learned a lot about the use of animations and the animator.

Have fun! Now go make games!

– Henning


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