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After some weeks thinking about life the universe and everything, I’m back. 🙂

I’ve spend some time making the basic stuff for a 2D game using Unity. Forcing Unity to make a 2D game have been a challenge, It works but I’ve spend a lot of time handling sprite sheet, animation and other standard stuff and not on the actual game. 🙁 Then by pure coincident I saw someone mentioning Stencyl on so I took a look, and if version 3.0 keeps it promises I guess I’ll be doing all my 2D games in Stencyl. Only thing about Stencyl I don’t like is the missing possibility to use C# and the still missing Android support 🙁 But for now it’s so easy to use, that I’ll gladly learn Scratch and objective C.
Now that Unity version 4.3 is out, I’ll have to try it out to see if it’s as easy as they say, and if it is, I might switch back. If not, I’ll save Unity for my 3D needs 🙂

Have fun! Now go make games!

– Henning


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