Paper Racer

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Did it, after to many hours.. My 7th ‪#‎30daydev‬ game done! Hope you enjoy “Paper Racer“, a very slow paced game.

It’s an old turn based racing game we used to play on paper when I was a kid.
You have to select one of 8 possible moves, the next move will start by moving the same amount as you did last move.

So if you moved 1 step forward as your first move, the next 8 possible moves will be around 1 step forward from your current position.


The hard part is trying to gain maximum speed and to remember to brake in do time. 70% of the time you gain to much speed and won’t be able to turn in time. BOOM!

Again it took waaay to long to develop. This time caused by a small oversight on my part that took hours to find I missed some coliders/layer in my raycast

Now it’s time for ZZzzzzzzzz………

Now, go make games!

– Henning


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