LD46 – The Unicorn and the need for coffee..!

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So Ludum Dare 46 happened, and this time I attended, and actually made a game. 😀
I just remembered that I have this site, and haven’t posted anything here in years, so I thought “I host my game here, so why not write about it here.”

The game is a simple item fetch game, with a few small jokes in there. It is heavily inspired by the amazing over polisher of all, the one, the only Pixel Prophecy! Also know as Phil Strahl.
He really likes his coffee, so the game needed coffee, and then he has a thing with unicorns, so again the game had to have at least one unicorn.
The gameplay is simple; the unicorn tells you what it want’s to eat, and you fetch it, and the unicorn poops a delicious, huge, coffee bean. The coffee beans can be taken to the coffee machine and made into a hot cup of coffee, giving you a 10% boost in the amount of coffee you contain. At 100% you have won the game. At 0% you have lost.
There are two other ways to loos the game, but that is for you to find out by playing it.
I hope you will spend a few minutes playing, and hopefully enjoy it. Thanks.

– H

Links to the Ludum Dare page, and the HTML5 version.


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