Late update, POC’s and current work

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As every blog I have ever read, from time to time there happens a lot in the bloggers life, and updates test pushed into the back of the tasks list. Life!

Since the last blog post, I have published my small racing game Strazer to Google Play store. Strazer

After updating the graphics, I’m pretty happy with it. It wasn’t meant to be a AAA game 😉

After that I worked for a few weeks on a game about depression, but there was a bug in Unity (OnTriggerEnter2D) that kept giving me problems, so I put it on hold. The bug was fixed in the Unity 4.5 release, so maybe I’ll go back to that again… Later.


And the there are a lot of small POC as always 🙂

Save ’em all:




Forever: Forever



All small POC that I might go back and work on in the future.

At the moment I’m working on a game for two friends, one want me to make a zombie game, and the other a platformer, so it is going to be a zombie platformer game 🙂


Right now I trying to get some graphics done for the game, it’s coming along but not as fast as I would like, and not as good either. 🙁 ZombieMeele

This is the melee attack of the zombie. It still is missing shadows and highlights.

So have done a lot, just haven’t blogged about it. I’ve started using twitter a lot more, I like the positive atmosphere and the nice people always there to help.

Have a great day, now go make games! 😉

– Henning



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