KISS.. Keep It Simple, Stupid. New project, Gastorid.

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Ok, the zombie game was a bit of a mouthful, and I know that if I’m to do it as I would like to do it, it would take me years. 🙁 So again I have ignored the second rule of getting into indie game design, keep it simple, and aim even lower (first rule is “Go make a game!”). I shot high and learned a lot, but will never be able to finish the game, even though a work mate finds great enjoyment shooting the zombies just to see the ragdoll effect. 🙂 It does look kind of funny. 🙂 But still I have dropped the FPZS. :/

But then what? Well I have been wanting to make a small game for mobile/tablet for some time, but have been stopped by the many different resolutions and aspect ratios of the screens. But it simply can’t be as bad as I think it is? Or can it?

Gastorid Idea
Gastorid Idea

By accident I came up with a small game when I was testing some simple gravity simulation on my phone, and after a few iteration on the game mechanics I think I have a game, if only I can make the click/finger down a lot more precise as the objects on the screen are fast and small. I have an idea in mind I want to test later, it’s casting a ray and test to see which object is closest to it and then if its within some radius, I’ll accept it as a hit.

Well a lot to do, so, less writing and more coding.. 😀

– Henning


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