I knew it, but didn’t expect it. Haters!

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My game “Do no harm!” was online for less than a day before a user calling himself “DieHenningDie” showed up on the game leaderboard.. That wasn’t fun and kind of disturbing to read, what could I have done to piss off someone to make them do this?

I’m told I’m the most harmless and friendly guy ever, so what did just happen?
I know the internet allows people to write whatever they want, but still it kind of hit me.. Why would anyone write something like that? Well it was in beta and the leaderboard was deleted.

Two days later I uploaded the final version, and lo and behold, another name showed up on the leaderboard “ThisGameSucks”. Well ok, you are entitled to your opinion, but I would have loved for you to have posted it on my blog, twitter or by email so I would be able to find out what part sucks so much. It’s only my second Unity game and I really want to learn, and I do know my first games are going to be “less than good” but it’s a learning process.

It shouldn’t have bother me so much as it did, and after a good night sleep, I know I have to get used to non-constructive critique like that, as it most defiantly always will be there in some form or another.

So, my shields are now up, for more crappy games are bound to come 🙂

Have a great day out there!

– Henning


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