Gastorid mobile shader.

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Ok, so I’ve had some time to work on my idea and I finally gotten it to work on my mobile phone. I’ve been stuck for hours and hours trying to get my game to work on my phone. Every time I switched the mobile shader for my linerenderer, to the one I wanted, the game simply stopped when initializing an object using that shader?? What the …! After adjusting just about everything in the unity editor, I finally stumped upon Edit->Project Settings -> Graphics, where there’s an option called “Always included Shaders”. Looked like this could be the problem/solution. After adding my custom shader to the list, everything worked 🙂

Always Include Shaders
Always Include Shaders

Not something I will ever forget to do ever, ever, ever again.. 😉 So now everything works, and the game is really starting to take shape. The audio is still horrible, and the gameplay needs some adjustment, whats to add time bonus/limits, but I really like what the game is morphing into.

Gastorid Screenshot Menu

Gastorid Screenshot Gameplay

I have only one android device, so I’m looking forward to having friends test it on their devices, to see if there are problems with the different resolutions and aspect ratios. Which has really given me a lot of headaches, and maybe for nothing.. It have been a lot easier to work with, now that I’ve started using rich text in all my GUI text. It all looks good in unity, but you never know what might pop up on strange devices 🙂

Now go make games! 😉

– Henning


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