Gastorid, lacking layers.

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After testing Gastorid again and again, I don’t find it have the lasting gameplay I’m looking for. A change in game objective might help? But for now I can’t figure out what to change. :/
Below you can see at short play through of the game as it is for now.

I don’t think that making specific levels design/setups, will add to the gameplay (for now it’s just random). Something more is needed. I might get some ideas in time, and try to add them.

Even though I hate abandoning a project, for a while, i hope that working on other things, will give me some new inspirations. If not, I will have learned a lot, I can use in my next project.

Working with touch devices is something completely different than making mouse/keyboard controlled games. The biggest challenge I have found is that I will cover a large section of the screen when clicking on the left part of the screen (I’m right handed). So some simple game ideas just won’t work, or the controls has to be redesigned… Just writhing the lase section gave me an idea that I have to test. 🙂

Got to go and the a new control for another prototype that I’m working on.

Have fun, and go make game!

– Henning


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