Don’t Fall Asheep.

Progress report for “Don’t Fall Asheep”.




  • I would like to make a bit of the sheep AI to make them wonder around and then at random time go for the fence. The firing mechanism should calculate the correct angle so the projectile will hit where I point my cross hair.
  • Draw gameplay scene as I would like it to look, to have something visual to work from when setting up the game screen.
  • Background for the weapons buttons.
  • State for sheeps:
    Escape (running for fence, jumping and landing)
    Escaped (Vistory dance or something like that)
    Dying. (Different types of dying)



Finally got around to making a few mock-up texture items to be able to continue trying out some ideas. Without some textures I found it very hard to gen a good camera angle for the game and how big the game area should be.



Want to make a small mockup to see if the game mecanics will work, so I need a “play ground”, sheeps, and at least a single weapon (rock).

  • Created ground and  backdrop
  • Created a basic Sheep in Blender
  • Made Player script to be able to fire spheres into the scene.
  • Made small sheep script to allow the user to “kill” it, by hitting it 3 times.



  • Created the basic Unity setup.
  • Copied reusable scripts from earlier project.



Got the idea; In “Don’t Fall Asheep” you are playing a young man trying to keep awake while being forced to watch a boring France black and white movie form  the 60’s by his girlfriend. To avoid falling a sleep you have to prevent yourself from counting sheeps by stopping the sheeps getting over the fence by any means possible.


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