Don’t Stub Your Big Toe

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@INCD021 We wrote a poem about your game Don't Stub Your Big Toe! — Poems About Games (@PoemsAboutGames) October 20, 2014

Ladders Unity and #30daydev

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Making a lot of small games, and only thinking about making it work and not on optimization and correct structures, have made a lot of old problems vanish. 🙂 For instance, months back I spend days on a small problem with a character and detecting when he was on a ladder, it ended with me … Read More

Paper Racer

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Did it, after to many hours.. My 7th ‪#‎30daydev‬ game done! Hope you enjoy “Paper Racer“, a very slow paced game. It’s an old turn based racing game we used to play on paper when I was a kid. You have to select one of 8 possible moves, the next move will start by moving … Read More

Yell At It..!

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Yet another #30daydev game.My son Jesper Bergmann (7) allowed me to make another #30daydev game today, 5th so far. He did the level design. Dad is so proud 😀 As the name sugests you have you yell at the game, to move. The louder you yell the further the player objects move apart. I added … Read More