3×3 square game.

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Yet another game idea. This time, a combined mouse and keyboard racer. The idea is to have a 3×3 colored board coming towards you (the feel should of cause be you race towards it), and you have to click two matching colored squares, and they will disappear, and you have to fly trough one of the hole left by the removed squares. The 9 square are to be colored using 1-8 colors, so there will always be at least 2 matching squares. the use of one color is level 1, and 8 colors level 8. The speed by which the squares are flying towards the player, will of cause increase over time.

Play the first proof of concept, it has only a simple wasd control and that’s about it.

3x3 first proof of concept
Proof of concept, screenshot of the game 3×3

I have to do more tests to see if this would be a fun.

– Henning


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