Don’t Fall Asheep Progress 2013-04-21

Have only had a few fragmented hours to work on Don’t Fall Asheep, and have had a lot of problems with rotations of the build in 2D planes in Unity. But I fixed it by making an empty game object and then making the plane a child of it, then I have full control over the rotation 🙂 But now I find that the collision mesh of the plane is rotated? And I can’t rotate the collider itself, hmm.

After moving the rigidbody, script and mesh collider to child object the collider is oriented as expected.

Progress ScreenShot 001

Basic scene setup with 2D objects, to help get an idea of the space and camera angle

The sheepScript removing the sheep now only removed the child object because of the new placement of the script. But that should only be a matter of destroying the parent game object instead of the current game object.

The screenshot is horrible and it’s suppose to, the focus shouldn’t be on graphics for now, but only on getting a prototype up and running to see if the gameplay is fun.

– Henning

Don’t Fall Asheep Progress 2013-04-18

Don’t Fall Asheep Progress:

Finally got around to start on the mock-ups for the project, but first I created the basic Unity setup and copied reusable scripts from the “Do No Harm” project. Then I made a small batch script that creates my basic folder structure, so I don’t have to create it every time I start a new project.

Drew a few texture items to be able to try out some ideas. Without some textures, I find it very hard to gent a good camera angle for the game and how big the game area should be.

Don't fall asheep MainTexture

Don’t fall asheep MainTexture

Created a basic Sheep in Blender and discarded it, I still don’t know if I’m going to do the game in 2D, 2.5D or 3D.
Made Player script to be able to fire spheres into the scene and sheep script to allow the user to “kill” it, by hitting it 3 times.

Player script:

    void Update()
        if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))// || Input.GetMouseButton(0))
        { // only do anything when the button is pressed:
            Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition);
            RaycastHit hit;
            if (Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, 1000))
                Vector3 handPosition = transform.position;
                handPosition.x += 0.5f;
                GameObject projectile = (GameObject)Instantiate(bullet, handPosition, Quaternion.identity);
                // turn the projectile to hit.point
                // accelerate it
                projectile.rigidbody.velocity = projectile.transform.forward * 20;

Sheep Script:

  private int hitsLeft = 3;

    void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
        hitsLeft -= 1;
        if (hitsLeft <= 0)

 – Henning

I knew it, but didn’t expect it. Haters!

My game “Do no harm!” was online for less than a day before a user calling himself “DieHenningDie” showed up on the game leaderboard.. That wasn’t fun and kind of disturbing to read, what could I have done to piss off someone to make them do this?

I’m told I’m the most harmless and friendly guy ever, so what did just happen?
I know the internet allows people to write whatever they want, but still it kind of hit me.. Why would anyone write something like that? Well it was in beta and the leaderboard was deleted.

Two days later I uploaded the final version, and lo and behold, another name showed up on the leaderboard “ThisGameSucks”. Well ok, you are entitled to your opinion, but I would have loved for you to have posted it on my blog, twitter or by email so I would be able to find out what part sucks so much. It’s only my second Unity game and I really want to learn, and I do know my first games are going to be “less than good” but it’s a learning process.

It shouldn’t have bother me so much as it did, and after a good night sleep, I know I have to get used to non-constructive critique like that, as it most defiantly always will be there in some form or another.

So, my shields are now up, for more crappy games are bound to come 🙂

Have a great day out there!

– Henning

Next Game Project; Don’t fall Asheep.

I’ve started on my next game called “Don’t fall Asheep”, which will be a static, FPS tower defense kind of game… Don’t really know what to call it 😉

It will of cause be a Unity game, and will have a (small) story, humor, violence and way to much blood.. But still I hope it’s going to be fun to play.

All the graphics will, for now, still be made by myself, so no high end graphics. If the game turns out to be fun to play and people really like it, I’ll try to have some great graphics made for it, but as always, it comes down to money.

I’ll post my progress as blog posts with the category “Don’t fall asheep”.

– Henning

So now I’m a contestant! :) GIG Challenge 2013

Send in my entry to “The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013”. So now I’m contestant!
My hopes and goal is to be among the top half of the entries. It’s only my second game in Unity so I’m not at all counting on having a chance of being among the top 20, which would be AWESOME! But then again I don’t have any idea how many entries there are going to be. Not funny to be in the top 20 if there are only 20  participants.. 😉

Play the game ‘Do No Harm’.

Hope you enjoy!

– Henning

Full progress report of my entry to “The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013: ‘Do no harm'”.

Just added progress report page of my entry to The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013: ‘Do no harm’.

The page follows what I did from the day we got the theme for the challenge, to (almost) the upload of my game to this site. Including all the ideas that didn’t work, things that failed, stuff that just came to be without thinking and of cause what did work 🙂

I started out writing a lot, but as the idea got more solid, the progress report turned into a to do list, but I think it shows what and how I made the game.

I have also added a video to my YouTube channel showing the progress of the game from first proof of concept to the final game.

– Henning

Site up and running :)

Finally I have gotten around to setting up this new and great site (in time i hope) named INC $D021. INC $D021 comes from the first line of assembler code I ever wrote on the Commodore C64 some 25-30 years ago. Getting old.. and wiser, or … ?
The site will contain everything I do regarding game creation, paper sketching, progress reports, proof of concepts, videos, new information I learn on the way and of cause the final games.

The layout and graphics of site isn’t set yet and will change until I get something I like.

Hope to inspire someone out there in the interweb to make there own games. 🙂
– Henning

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