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Gastorid, lacking layers.

After testing Gastorid again and again, I don’t find it have the lasting gameplay I’m looking for. A change in game objective might help? But for now I can’t figure out what to change. :/ Below you can see at short play through of the game as it is for now. I don’t think that making specific levels design/setups, will… (more…)

Gastorid mobile shader.

Ok, so I’ve had some time to work on my idea and I finally gotten it to work on my mobile phone. I’ve been stuck for hours and hours trying to get my game to work on my phone. Every time I switched the mobile shader for my linerenderer, to the one I wanted, the game simply stopped when initializing… (more…)

KISS.. Keep It Simple, Stupid. New project, Gastorid.

Ok, the zombie game was a bit of a mouthful, and I know that if I’m to do it as I would like to do it, it would take me years. 🙁 So again I have ignored the second rule of getting into indie game design, keep it simple, and aim even lower (first rule is “Go make a game!”). I shot… (more…)