Next Game Project; Don’t fall Asheep.

I’ve started on my next game called “Don’t fall Asheep”, which will be a static, FPS tower defense kind of game… Don’t really know what to call it 😉 It will of cause be a Unity game, and will have a (small) story, humor, violence and way to much blood.. But still I hope it’s going to be fun to play.… (more…)

So now I’m a contestant! :) GIG Challenge 2013

Send in my entry to “The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013”. So now I’m contestant! My hopes and goal is to be among the top half of the entries. It’s only my second game in Unity so I’m not at all counting on having a chance of being among the top 20, which would be AWESOME! But then again I don’t have any… (more…)

Full progress report of my entry to “The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013: ‘Do no harm'”.

Just added progress report page of my entry to The Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013: ‘Do no harm’. The page follows what I did from the day we got the theme for the challenge, to (almost) the upload of my game to this site. Including all the ideas that didn’t work, things that failed, stuff that just came to be… (more…)

Site up and running :)

Finally I have gotten around to setting up this new and great site (in time i hope) named INC $D021. INC $D021 comes from the first line of assembler code I ever wrote on the Commodore C64 some 25-30 years ago. Getting old.. and wiser, or … ? The site will contain everything I do regarding game creation, paper sketching, progress… (more…)