Don’t Fall Asheep Progress 2013-04-21

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Have only had a few fragmented hours to work on Don’t Fall Asheep, and have had a lot of problems with rotations of the build in 2D planes in Unity. But I fixed it by making an empty game object and then making the plane a child of it, then I have full control over the rotation 🙂 But now I find that the collision mesh of the plane is rotated? And I can’t rotate the collider itself, hmm.

After moving the rigidbody, script and mesh collider to child object the collider is oriented as expected.

Progress ScreenShot 001
Basic scene setup with 2D objects, to help get an idea of the space and camera angle

The sheepScript removing the sheep now only removed the child object because of the new placement of the script. But that should only be a matter of destroying the parent game object instead of the current game object.

The screenshot is horrible and it’s suppose to, the focus shouldn’t be on graphics for now, but only on getting a prototype up and running to see if the gameplay is fun.

– Henning


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